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    Attorney Jon Parrish was born in Trenton, New Jersey, and has lived in Florida since he was five (5) years old. He is a member of the Florida Bar.

    Attorney Jon Parrish won the Broward County Science Fair at the age of 13 and placed second in the State of Florida Science Fair in the category of Zoology the following year. Attorney Jon Parrish graduated from Nova High School in 1981, where he was a part of the gifted program and was given a National Merit Scholarship. He began his legal career as a paralegal. Attorney Jon Parrish attended the University of Florida as a National Merit Scholar from 1981 to 1985, graduating with a Bachelor's of Arts Degree cum laude in English Literature with a concentration in 1981.


    Following that, he was offered a scholarship and a teaching assistant post at the University of California, Irvine, where he was later accepted into the Ph. D. program there. After his first year at UGI, Attorney Jon Parrish decided to leave academia and pursue a career in business. In 1986, he joined the consulting section of Arthur Andersen (now known as Accenture) as a Management Information Consultant.


    Attorney Jon Parrish worked as a Management Consultant for companies such as Pratt & Whitney, United Technologies in Jupiter, Florida, and the Student Lending Division of Florida Federal Savings Bank (at the time, the country's third largest student loan issuer and servicer).

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    When you’re just starting out, building your business can be a deeply exciting–and overwhelming–proposition, says Jon Parrish, former attorney and successful business entrepreneur. Luckily, there are many wise and successful people who have traveled this road before you.  While your business...
    Being passive is not our natural state as human beings, says Jon Parrish, former attorney and current business mogul. It is in our nature to desire and strive and improve. That attitude is a huge part of what has helped us survive and evolve into the dominant form of life on Earth. When you set...
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